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Amanda Mayther

Herbalist & Educator



Building plant relationships for health, well-being and vitality.


Education for The Childbearing Years

Mindfully preparing for your birth and/or parenting experience by using knowledge, comfort strategies; and building physical, mental and emotional resilience.


Classes & Services

Learn more about my classes, book my services for events, or schedule a private session.



I love connecting people with resources that will help them along their journey. Here are some of them!

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

As an educator and a practitioner, I see myself as  a conduit of information and connection and a catalyst to help you make positive changes in your life. Helping you to live in deeper embodiment, fulfillment, joy, and pleasure.


My approach in working with clients is an intentional plan of eventual obsolescence. I want to empower my clients with a vast array of resources, tools, and techniques to assist them in their healing journey to a point where they don't feel that they need me anymore. This is based on my belief that each person is their own best healer if given the right tools, support, and safe environment/container to create their own personal life alchemy.

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda Mayther, my preferred pronouns are she/her/they. I am an herbalist, childbirth and health  educator, and healing facilitator living in the Portland/Vancouver area.


I am also a mother of three amazing children(that's my daughter Ruby here in the photo with me), a partner, a plant person, a science and anatomy nerd, a birth worker, an animal rescuer, a 3rd generation intuitive and a 5th generation farmer. 


If you would like to know more about me please click below to learn more.

How do I schedule a reading, consult, or class?

Scheduling a reading, consultation, class or event is easy. Just contact me through my contact page and we will start with a free 15 minute phone call or video chat to see if you think working with me might be a good fit for you.

Currently due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of my consultations, readings, public classes, and private classes are being conducted via video conference. As soon as it is not a public health and safety issue to meet in person, I will resume teaching classes and doing private sessions at Love Potion in Vancouver, Washington and the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company, Smith Teamaker, and Cup of Tea in Portland, Oregon, and via video conference call. 

There are a lot of wonderful resources and awesome practitioners out there, click below to learn about them!
I had never had a tea leaf reading before...  I was shocked at how accurate the reading was, and grateful for the practical and accessible insight I received.

Harold, E.

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