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I am an an Herbalist, Educator, Healer living in Portland, Oregon.

All of my life experiences and educational opportunities have lead me to follow my life's purpose as a healer and educator, blending Science and Spirit, to share information and tools with my clients to help them, heal themselves. My personal mission is to use my skills to empower others to navigate their own health challenges and life experiences in their own unique way with confidence.​

I was the clinical herbalist, a Postpartum Doula, and Certified Childbirth Educator for many years at Alma Midwifery in Portland, OR. And I feel very proud to have served and supported hundreds of clients in those capacities. My passion for birth and natural healing, lead me to further increase my knowledge and skill set by delving into herbalism.

I received my certificate in Advanced Professional Herbalism from Portland Community College in 2014, having studied under nationally renowned herbalist K.P. Khalsa. In 2016, I completed a full-year Columbia Gorge plant healer apprenticeship with Camilla Blossom Bishop and Erin Grover.


My clinical practice is informed by Ayurveda, Western and Chinese energetic principles and constitutional and environmental analysis. My specialties include: providing clinical herbal consulting services to midwifery practices in the Portland/Vancouver area, seeing clients with a wide range of health challenges (from hormone imbalance, to seasonal allergies, to cancer), and teaching classes about herbal remedies for the whole family, I am also a past President of the Oregon chapter of the American Herbalists Guild.

My other passions include using my intuitive, divination, plant magic, and energetic healing skills (often combining them with my clinical herbalism skills). teaching classes on a variety of subjects, and leading guided meditations; to assist my clients in calming their bodies, bolstering their spirits, and focusing their minds on positive goals and outcomes.


I live on a small farm on the outskirts of Portland, and am passionate about being the best mother I can be to my three young children, Max, Craig, and Ruby, rescuing animals, nurturing and deepening my relationship with my plant allies, and creating positive change in the health of my local community and beyond.