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Being an intuitive and "psychic" is in my blood and runs at least three generations deep. My primary Tarot teacher was my paternal grandmother, who was also an art therapist and teacher. One of my favorite memories(in addition to learning tea leaf reading from her), was going to her house and being able to "pull cards and dive into the collective unconscious", as she called it. From these first readings with angel cards and the Thoth deck, I branched out on my own and became a student of herbal tarot, lenormand oracle decks, and many others. I have found that in many sessions with clients, messages come forward for them that are not mine, but from someone else, this is known as medium-ship. I get asked all the time, "are you a medium" and the answer is, yes, when someone/thing/energy has a message for you, but that doesn't necessarily happen in each session.

I like to treat the cards as a wise friend, someone who has a perspective beyond the immediate; and more importantly, can ask questions that you might not consider asking yourself. In that way, each session becomes a conversation, putting the querent (you) in the driver's seat. My readings can be done from a totally analytical and psychological perspective, as a mental exercise; or dive into the realm that all things are possible and embrace what I like to call "the woo within us all". 

I enjoy in depth readings with individual clients and couples, I equally enjoy doing shorter form readings at public and private events and teaching group and private classes on the subject. My personal belief i that intuition is a skill and a "muscle" that every person has, and no matter what your current skill set is, with time, attention, intention, and practice, anyone has the ability to improve their intuition.

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