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I have been working with plants for healing for almost 20 years and have been a practicing herbalist seeing clients since 2014. I earned my certificate in advanced professional clinical herbalism from Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon. I am incredibly grateful to have had Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Yogaraj (Ayurveda),A.D., D.N.-C, R.H., as my primary herbalism teacher. And I have been fortunate to learn from a great many wonderful herbalists and practitioners in a variety of fields, on an ongoing basis 


The current focus of my herbal practice is what I have dubbed Intimate & Erotic Herbalism, a holistic, somatic method of using plant allies and mind/body awareness tools to help you live your most vibrant and pleasure-filled life. This method involves deep inquiry into potential blocks and restrictions that are effecting your intimate life. Barriers to intimacy and erotic pleasure can include but are not limited to: shame from past experiences, trauma, hormone imbalances, exhaustion, communication issues, and preconceptions and bias about a variety of subjects involving intimacy. I find that once a client becomes aware of what is holding them back from connection and pleasure, and when they are given the right tools for them, they begin to flourish in ways they never expected, on a timeline that is unique and right to their own personal developement.

I work with clients individually, as couples, and in groups. My goal is to help you develop healing and communication processes that work for you, and share skills and ideas to help you create more pleasurable embodiment for yourself so you can experience deeper intimacy, pleasure, joy, and ecstasy. I consider each of my clients to be a student and an equal. We begin first with a holistic assessment of where you are at, compile a list of goals that you wish to achieve, and take an organically methodical approach to helping you achieve your goals. I might suggest the use of carefully selected herbs, floral and gemstone essences, aromatherapy, and other preparations to create a safe container for you to move through limitations, trauma, triggers, and frustrations that may be holding you back; and share extensive resources and techniques for you to utilize to heal yourself.


In addition to my extensive herbalism training, I have also completed coursework in Erotic Blueprinting, life coaching, wellness coaching, birth and postpartum work, meditation, tantra, movement, tapping, goal setting and as a partner in a long-term relationship who is also parenting three small children and used to attempting the balance of needs in a family system. I use this frame of reference to work with my clients in a comfortable, fun, and judgement-free environment.

Because no two clients are alike, my approach is tailored to the needs of each individual and couple. The process begins with a 15 minute free phone or video call to see if we are a good fit to work together. Then I send you an in-depth intake form that takes 30-minutes to an hour of your time to fill out. Once that is completed, we meet together in person or via an online video call for a 1.5 hour first appointment. At the end of that appointment, I will give you a list of specific recommendations and "assignments" to try out. From there we meet every two to four weeks for a one hour check in. At each check in we will celebrate your triumphs and select new plant allies(if need be) for your next phase in your healing journey, until you feel you have reached your goals. This is typically 3 to 6 sessions. At the completion of our time together, my goal is that you will have a toolkit of skills, techniques, and plant allies that will help you on your journey, and you will joyfully be able to say"Thanks! I don't need you anymore!". Clients are always welcome to book follow up check-in sessions if they would like to; but as an educator, my goal is to make myself obsolete.

Though intimate herbalism in the focus of my practice, I work with clients who have a variety of health goals they are working towards. I also specialize in consulting with clients in the childbearing year and all other stages of life. I am not a physician and therefore working with me is not a replacement for working with a licensed physician. I do not diagnose or treat any diseases or medical conditions. And I highly advise clients to be working with a licensed physician to ensure they have adequate medical and mental health support for their optimum health and well-being. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my practice.

I charge an hourly rate of $80 per hour for my services. I provide discounts for clients that wish to book a package of 6 sessions. I also provide discounts to clients who are survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse, trauma survivors, veterans, and provide a sliding scale fee and am open to alternate forms of commerce.

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